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Wall Panels, AWM

Paintings by renowned artists recreated on brushed steel panels.


ruth-palmer-1.jpgRuth Palmer is a versatile contemporary artist working and experimenting with various mediums. Her painting covers many different art styles such as abstract, contemporary and traditional still life and landscapes. "I follow nobody's rules but my own. I like it this way. This is the process that works for me. I know that being self-taught gives me an advantage. I approach my work with an almost child-like naiveté and do not have outside influences to interfere. I am continuously experimenting with subjects, textures and colours. It is my goal simply to touch people in some way through my art."





Matthew Hamblin was raised traveling to art shows up and down the East coast with his father's painting business (Robert Hamblen of Vermont). "My paintings are an expression of joy, life, grace, gratitude, giving, love of God, Mother Earth, nature, humanity and kindness, as best my soul can conjure up. I hope you can see a presence of all these things in my work.  I was born with a passion to create, and ever since I began painting seriously back in the 90's, I've found that it's a cathartic experience for me."






Ash Carl first began working with metal on a metal fabrication shop assembly line sanding metal, welding, cutting metal, and painting metal. It didn't take long before his new knowledge of metal and artistic sense fused together and he began designing and creating an array of metal art in his garage.  Today Ash works out of his 5200 square foot studio to meet the demand of his designs. His artwork has become much more complex in detail and charicture. The different finishing techniques, painting techniques, and forming techniques that are signature to Ash's work can be seen worldwide as his international collectors are in over 35 different countries.



Both painter and sculptor, Marianne Hornbuckle’s vital engagement with her two very different forms of artistic expression is the result of her desire to fully explore and express the extent of her creative abilities, to stay interested and fresh as an artist, and as an individual.  Marianne exploits the properties of contemporary acrylic paints, using the different viscosities to make complex surfaces that are alternately transparent, translucent and opaque, with mysterious color created by layering complimentary colors to create new colors. She rarely uses a brush, preferring to drag the paint with various other tools. "I explore the mystery and complexity I experience in the world, making rich layered abstract paintings, with color and shape my primary focus, and creating small bronzes nudes that express the ever varied human form."



Heather Galler has been a well known, award winning, professional New York Artist for over 23 years. Heather has painted many large scale murals in restaurants, office buildings, and most recently the home of a long time art collector.  She paints many subjects, but is most partial to portraits of dogs.






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