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Susan Williams, SWP

Susan Williams 

Morrison, CO


Susan's signature work transcends traditional photography.  She hand colors black and white photos using vintage techniques (Sepia browns and Cold Chloride Blues). The result is a pared-down minimalist palette with added depth and an atmospheric ethereal, multi-dimensional feel.

Susan's work is about finding UNITY through FREEDOM, SOVEREIGNTY, SOLITUDE, PEACE & HARMONY in our Natural World. Exactly the way horses make us feel.

The Susan Williams Studios' mission is to bring Beauty to the world and inspire change while gracing your living and work spaces one piece of art at a time.

The hand-crafted art begins with a multi-day process initiated with printing the piece using archival pigments on cotton canvas. The pieces are hung to dry for 24 hours before being coated two times with a clear top coat of water-based Eco-friendly custom matte/satin blend clear acrylic ensuring UV protection.

The pieces dry and additional 24 hours before stretching the final piece with precision and care on frames that are assemble in the studio. Each pieces is signed by Susan and is not a digital signature.