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Philip Roberts, PRW

Philip Roberts 

Southampton, New Jersey


Philip is a happily married, full time artist, from rural New Jersey.  He relies heavily on his ability to use modern day technologies to bring his meticulous designs to life.  These abilities are born from his love of art, design, machinery, and a long history of traditional woodworking.

After studying Digital Media in college, Philip worked professionally as a freelance Photographer, Videographer, and Designer for a number of years.  Desperately missing hands-on work, he began a Wooden Furniture business which quickly grew into a company shipping furniture nationally with a full time crew of 12 employees.  Burnt out and missing the "design" portion of work, Phil sold the furniture company 4 years later to seek out the perfect balance between "design" work and "hands-on" work.  In 2017, Philip started creating wooden artwork which would require a mechanical aptitude, a heavy design sense, and hours of hands-on work in the wood shop.  The challenge has proven to keep him on his toes and he continually looks for ways to push the medium a bit further.

Philip had a childhood surrounded by farmers, carpenters, engineers, and a freedom to build things.  This perfect cocktail of ingredients was perfect for someone who loved to tinker, create, destroy, and start over.  This childlike process has never stopped.


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