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October Events

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FIRST FRIDAY! Art Groove - October 1st, 5-7pm

Earthwood Collections, Estes Park
Earthwood Artisans, Estes Park
A town-wide Art Groove event.  Explore and have fun with your friends.  You never know what you might see or who you might meet.  Join Us safely.  Bring your grooviest mask. There is good music and fun at both galleries. 

Earthwood Collections will present LIVE JAZZ with Stu MacAskie (piano).
Stu MacAskie

Meet Colorado-based fine artists Stan Sidorov and Lena Sidorova and be the first to see an array of their newest paintings.

Stan was born in the city of Blagoveshchensk, in the Far East of Russia.  The town is the capital of the Amur Region andssfa.jpg has a unique location directly on the border with China.  Stanislav came from a family of artists who nurtured and encouraged his creative talent.  He started his art education as a child in the Creative School for Gifted Kids then four years of college and six years In the Vladivostok University of Fine Art with formal studies focused on the traditions of the Russian Realistic School of painting characterized by artists of the 19th century.  In August of 1977 he and his family (his wife is also an artist.) immigrated to the US.

“We had a tremendous desire to explore another world — to try something completely new, fresh and unpredictable.  Our years in America have been a wonderful journey full of events special people we met beautiful places we visited.  While I am capable of working in different genres, one of my favorites is the architectural motif.  I like small towns’ secluded streets and old architecture.  They inspire nostalgia about previous generations, events and cultures.  In recent years my paintings have became more and more decorative with bright expressive color.  Other favorite series are Aspens and Fall Alleys.  Using bright colors, patterns and textures I creating dramatic and unique pieces of textured painting made with pallet knife.  The Rain and Umbrellas Series uses rain as a theme to create a romantic and cozy feeling.  I would consider my style modern decorative expressionism.  I am creating vibrant European and American landscapes, beach scenes, figurative works, and still-lifes.”


Yelena was born in the far east of Russia. She started her artistic training in early childhood and was educated in the finestlena.jpg traditions of 19th century Russian Realistic painting. After receiving MBA’s in Fine Arts from the the Khabarovsk Fine Art & Graphic University, Yelena discovered and fell in love with the mystery and magic of the ancient Asian technique of painting on silk; the technique which gave us the beautiful art of batik with all its intricacies and challenges.

In 1997, Lena and her family decided to move to the US. She arrived in Denver in 1997 with but a few hundred dollars in their pockets and a passion for SIlk Painting.  As difficult as it was to start her career from scratch in a new country, the artist’s talents and incredible work ethics helped Yelena find her place in the competitive artistic world.  The frolic of creative work, joys and challenges are the true sources of the artist’s happiness and inspiration. Lena’s silk paintings are exhibited in galleries and art museums throughout the world.

Silk Painting

The origins of the time-honored technique of Silk Painting date back to the second century A.D. in Asia. At the turn of the nineteenth century, it emerged in Europe and quickly made its way to haute couture in France.  Parisian artists rejuvenated the craft and developed it into an art form known as SERTI. Serti (French for “fence” or “enclosing”) is a traditional French approach to controlling the flow of water-based dye on silk. The artwork is created by using a gutta, which has dual purpose of outlining the design and halting the flow of the dye on silk. Today this intricate art form has made its way from fashion and interior design to the walls of art galleries and from a craft to an art form; and is still gaining popularity in Europe and America.

 Bring your friends!  Come enjoy the FIRST FRIDAY! Art Groove in Town and have some fun.

Estes Park Sidewalk Sale — October TBD, 2020
Earthwood Collections, Estes Park
Earthwood Artisans, Estes Park
Fun semi-annual sidewalk sale event in Estes Park from 10am - 6pm.  Both of our galleries are participating (indoors, safe from weather.)  You never know what might go on sale during this semi-annual event.  Come enjoy the Town and perhaps find that new great piece of art.




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