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Michael J. Krob, RFM

Michael Jason Krob

Cortez, CO


The Artist Statement

I was born in Alamogordo New Mexico. As I grew up surrounded by Native American Culture and Traditions, I learned the meaning behind many Native designs, Navajo, Mimbres, Hopi, Mescalero Apache and Ute. I was raised in Colorado, at the base of the Mesa Verde Indian ruins in the Heart of Native American country, with Petro glyphs and Native American culture at my doorstep.

My first exposure to metal was in High school, where my artistic talents were nurtured by a welding teacher. I continued my studies in Graphic Design at Eastern New Mexico University. I became a certified welder and worked in Alaska, as well as the four corners area.

The more I welded the various metals, the more I started to love metal for its unique and individual life and color. I had found my niche, and my talent! I have created my masterpieces out of my own mind. My experience as a welder gave me the knowledge to find the color and the spark in each metal piece. I started to experiment with the different techniques in cutting, welding and the grinding of the designs. I settled with plasma and enjoy the cut and the finish of each piece. My art is unique in design and colors as I use a variety of grinding techniques as well as heat and chemical enhancements for Colorado. This creates the spectacular holographic visual effect in each piece making each piece come alive and one of a kind..My creation:  A one of a kind Metal Masterpiece.  It’s all art!

The Method behind the Metal

Each piece of artwork is plasma cut from cold steel. My canvas is hand ground in rhythmic motions using a variety of techniques, giving it texture and distinctions. For the scorched art, a hand torch is used to achieve up to the 32 potential hues of the steel, completing its unique beauty. For the chemically enhanced Art a special paint is mixed and applied to illuminate the grinding in the background and each piece is hand etched again to create the desired design. Each piece is then treated with a special clear coat finish, to protect it from the elements without affecting the steels pliability, and then baked to perfection. The result is a masterpiece which is versatile, flexible, and durable, the perfect addition to any collection.

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