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Lyse Dzija, LDFA

Lyse Dzija

 Loveland, Colorado 

Originally from Quebec, Canada, Lyse attended the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts. She moved to Loveland, Colorado to be closer to the woods, mountains, and rivers. Her plein air works tend to be rendered in pastel; her studio work in oils. She has received numerous awards and prizes for her work.
“I feel that landscape paintings are subject to a wide range of interpretations, especially those that simply present the subject without attaching a popular interpretation. Talking to people about my own work, I have found that they often read a great deal of meaning into my landscapes, meaning sometimes beyond, sometimes even in direct opposition to my own opinions or feelings. No landscape is ever empty, even the most desolate. The more time I spend in the wilderness, the more I realize its subtle effects on feelings which evolve with every visit, place, and season. I am captured by the paradox of strength and delicacy, and opposition of color found in every ordinary event. Nature dictates my style, mood, medium, and composition, and my paintings reflect this diversity. I challenge the popular tendency to minimalize painting style. The greatest respect due to nature is through representation in an elaborate and personal style because it is the result of a ‘felt’ experience.”


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