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Kathi Dougherty, KDG

Kathi D Dougherty Glass

Fort Collins, Colorado


I am a fused glass artist from Fort Collins, Colorado. I love creating with glass, from large wall panels down to small jewelry pieces. Fused glass is a fabulous medium for both decorative and functional art. I cut, grind, stack and manipulate glass to accomplish all kinds of different results. After cutting and designing the glass it is fired in kilns up to 1500 degrees. The kilns are computerized so I am able to control the temperature, speed and duration the glass is “soaked” in the heat. The glass is annealed in the kiln to make it strong and durable. Slowly the glass returns to room temperature where I may cold work it or return it to the kiln for fire polishing or slumping.

When I am not working on my own creations I am teaching glass classes for both children and adults. I am constantly learning form my students and I am a student myself as often as I can be. The art of fusing has been going on for centuries and is still changing and growing!

I receive my inspiration for my work from everything around me…nature, people, travels! The process of working with the strings of glass, the powders the sheets of glass begins with a frenzy of color, texture, and translucency and ends with the quiet hope that I have communicated with light. Perhaps some of my imagery will take you back to a place or a feeling you remember with a smile.