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Julianne Miller

Julianne Miller

Evergren, Colorado



Julianne paints a diverse collection of scenes whether in vibrant light or abstract color.  She is the daughter of an art teacher and descendant of the celebrated artist Mary Cassatt and has been painting the American landscape for more than fifteen years.


As a youth, she was drawn to commercial art and studied it at the university level, embarking on a career that endured twenty years.  It was then that Julianne's career as a fine artist began, not as a result of planning, but because of circumstance.  Twenty years ago, her mother passed away from cancer and it wasn’t until several months later that Julianne picked up and began working with her mother's college pastels that had been passed down to her.  Ironically, it was during this time that her husband was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer.  As he endured through chemo and eventually departed. Julianne began using those very pastels from her mother as a way to deal with the grief of losing her husband.  She found moments of solace from the deep loss that had entered her life by painting at the easel.  “It was such a gift for me to have this release," she said, “and is also a gift to others because my work brings people joy.”


Julianne’s first love is pastels because they exhibit vibrancy and allow unique color effects. She also appreciates that pastels allow her to embellish colors, making a scene appear more surreal and beautiful.  More recently Julianne has added oils to her painting repertoire with her palette knife as her favorite tool.   "When I paint with oils, I can build and create dimension on the canvas."  Her primary focus whether painting in oils or pastels has been the aspen. "I love to focus on the trunks and the unique scarring they exhibit.  I see the parallels between humans and the trees with the unique scars they display, just as we have our own wounds that we bear, whether internal or on the outside. Similarly, I associate the interconnected root system in the aspen with our human ties to our family and friends that give us strength to endure life's struggles.”


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