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John Vela, SCP

John Vela

Austin, Texas


The Owner

John Vela worked for Sunset Canyon Pottery from 1999-2015, after which he purchased the production business when the original artist, Bridget Hauser, retired. John received his BFA in Art History with a concentration in Ceramics and Italian. During his education at the University of Texas at Austin, his studio art classes inspired him to pursue pottery. His interest in chemistry, intertwined with art, encapsulates his love of ceramics.

Sunset Canyon Pottery is a group production team of individuals with diverse and unique talents that combine to make beautiful, functional and affordable pottery. Our focus is on consistency and uniformity. All forms are handmade, mostly on the pottery wheel, which gives our line a distinct look and feel that is the hallmark of Sunset Canyon Pottery. Our passion is to make beautiful items that can be enjoyed daily. We look forward to new forms, new glaze patterns, and new locations to feature our products. Our goal is to maintain our high-quality standard and continue to produce amazing, beautiful pottery.



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