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Jennifer Coniff Triptychs, JCM

 Jennifer Coniff
Colorado Springs, Colorado


“My love for creating goes back to my early childhood. I have fond memories of my mother gathering the neighborhood children around a table piled high with art supplies. We spent many happy hours transforming everyday materials into ‘masterpieces.’ I began my career in my family windbell business where I spent twelve years as a partner. I continued to pursue creative endeavors in my spare time. I then moved on and worked at an art museum, but quickly realized that I wanted to devote myself to marketing my artwork full-time.  My love of working in mixed-media has evolved into what I am best known for — my metal triptychs. These are small pieces of ‘wall jewelry’ comprised of fabric-transferred images, affirmative statements, and unique embellishments.”  Jennifer’s “Singing Bird Studio” is her home in Colorado Springs.


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