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David Lotton, DLG

David Lotton

Lowell, Indiana


David began learning the art and craft of glass making at age ten when his father built a studio next to their home.  He became an apprentice in the classic sense, learning every aspect of creating art out of hot glass and running a hot shop.  Soon David made his own designs in paperweights and jewelry.  In those early years, David dabbled in stained glass. He created exquisite windows, infusing his love of floral patterns.  David would later transfer these patterns to the hot glass field.  By the late 70’s he was working full time as a glass artist.

Year after year, he studies and refines the techniques he uses in creating his art. Glass is alive by nature and often has a mind of its own. David is always developing new color formulas and color combinations, while working with the nature of glass. In 2006, David and his wife, Kimberly, purchased an 89-acre farm in Lowell, Indiana. David has taken an old pole barn and transformed it into his new glass studio.


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