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Brooke Connor, BCFA

Brooke Connor
Boulder, Colorado


Brooke uses primarily Copic Markers to create vivid and eye-popping representations of all kinds of animals. Markers are kind of like watercolors, in that they can be transparent and blended. Brooke’s drawings start out with a pencil sketch, followed by an ink outline, and then layers of colors are added. The pencil sketches start out semi-realistic so that the animal is recognizable and familiar. The ink outlines then commit the shapes and spaces to paper. And then it all goes downhill from there. Colors are exaggerated and shapes defined. Curves are accentuated. Eyes are expressive. And, because so many animals are the color of dirt, rarely does Brooke provide realistic color representations. Most importantly though, there are no markers labeled “Color of Dirt”. Because Brooke cannot take anything seriously, realism is peppered with a dash of whimsy, humor, or imagery.


Brooke's prints are all available in the following materials and sizes:

    8½"x11" giclée, matted (black or white matt) to 11"x14" — $45
    11"x14" giclée, matted (black or white matt) to 16"x20" — $69

    11"x14" — $75
    16"x20" — $165
    24"x36" — 325

Gloss finished aluminum:
    11"x14" — $125
    16"x20" — $180
    24"x36" — $395

Prices do not include shipping.

Call to speak with a sales associate so that Brooke can make your favorite piece just the way you want it.
Earthwood Collections, 970.577.8100