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Adam Blanks, ABFA

Adam Blanks

 Loveland, Colorado 

A native of Philadelphia, Adam is a graduate of Colorado State University Fort Collins with a bachelor's of arts degree in graphic design and illustration.  From there he went to work at a sculpture foundry in Colorado as a metal chaser.  "I had to round out welds and pockmarks. It was fun and helped me with my shapes."

Returning to his first love, painting, Adam calls his work "graphic abstraction impressionism" and describes it as "fast and loose."  "The subjects vary from planes, train and tractors to people and landscapes. I'll paint anything but I normally look for something that has energy, like a tractor or gunslinger. Something that already has potential energy in it."  Helping him is renowned Colorado painter George Coll, known for his landscape painting.  Adam visits Coll's studio and paints alongside others under his tutelage.  While Coll is known for his watercolors, Adam prefers oils.  "The possibilities are better and there's more versatility. But I still love watercolors."  Adamhas also been working with Colorado artists, June Ford, a fellow winner at the Art Market; Tim Diebler, who has recently published a book of his paintings; and Kim English, a prominent art teacher.  "It has been a godsend to work with some of the most talented artists in the country."


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